Rejection Notice: Strunk and White Edition

Arrived in my inbox this afternoon, courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the Broadcast Assistant position with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although your resume’ [stray apostrophe], educational and work experience was quite impressive [this whole clause is severely wounded … gushing blood], we selected a candidate whose background more closely matched the Department’s needs. We will however, retain your resume [stray apostrophe] on file should a future need arise where we may utilize your expertise.

You may want to occasionally peruse our website at www. [random space in url] for available employment opportunities, [unnecessary coma] and apply again at that time.

On behalf of the Los Angeles Dodgers we wish you success with [should be in] your career pursuits.

Style and grammar errors are marked for your convenience.  At least when I applied to be a receptionist for the Yankees they had the courtesy not to get back to me.

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