Clubhouse Humor

On Saturday I went to a panel discussion on the ‘comic imagination.’ It was pretty funny. Joining me in the audience was a Pulitzer Prize-winning sports writer who covered baseball in the 1980s for the NY Times. In a discussion of context, he mentioned that in clubhouses, you can pretty much say anything to anybody. In sports (incoming pun intended), nothing is out of bounds.

To back up his point he shared this anecdote, a batting practice exchange between former Pittsburgh teammates Bill Madlock and Lee Mazzilli as they prepared to face off in a Spring Training game. Madlock was with the Dodgers and Mazzilli with the Mets:

Madlock: So Lee, I’m new here and you know this town. You have a girl lined up for me tonight right?

Mazzilli: I’m not a miracle worker, Bill

Madlock: Aww come on, You’ve got to know somebody.

Mazzilli: Well, there’s always my wife I guess.

Madlock: Nah no thanks, I had your wife last spring, looking for something new.

It’s worth noting, I think, that Lee Mazzilli and his wife Dani, appear to have a wonderful marriage and family

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