Baseball Funnies: Ichiro, Lasorda, & The Babe (Sorta)

Two funny baseball anecdotes passed on by friend Josh:


New goal: find more comics, links, stories that do what this strip did: take old golden baseball cliches and turn them on their heads.

…and this priceless exchange between Ichiro and Tommy Lasorda, as reported in the NY Times Bats Blog:

Tommy Lasorda, the tournament’s official mascot, held court during batting practice with several Japanese players. Ichiro Suzuki stopped by and spoke passable English with Lasorda, who in turn spoke passable English with Suzuki. Ichiro kept pointing to Lasorda’s circumferentially-challenged midsection and saying, “How many months?” Clearly unfamiliar with certain idioms, Lasorda answered, “I’m 82 years old.”

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