WBC Diplomacy: Hugo Chavez Is Touchy

Another great thing about the World Baseball Classic: potential for awkward international political incident.

If you think the Obama administration calling out Rush Limbaugh and CNBC was bush league or unpresidential, get a load of Hugo Chavez. Chavez has now expressed his displeasure with some expat Venezuelans who booed Magglio Ordon at Saturday’s WBC game against the Netherlands in Miami. Ordonez is a friend of the controversial Presidente/Generalisimo and did a commercial in support of Chavez before last month’s term limits referendum. From the AP story:

Chavez lamented that his friendship with Ordonez prompted catcalls from the mostly Venezuelan crowd during the team’s 3-1 victory over the Netherlands in Miami on Saturday, saying the fans who booed the Detroit Tigers slugger “have no shame.”

“Everyone has the right to think about politics,” Chavez said after reading an article about the incident from The Associated Press. “This is shameful.

“Viva Magglio, and all our patriots!” Chavez added.

Ordonez, who went 0-for-3, said he felt “ashamed” by the way Venezuelans in the crowd reacted every time he stepped to the plate. Fans cheered loudly when he struck out in the fourth inning.

Magglio’s children, Magglio Jr. and Maggliana had no comment.

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