Thursday Links: Growing Up, Growing Old

‘Soccer Is Ruining America’ says Steven Webb over at First Things, it corrupts our youth. The answer? More Baseball. He’s really serious, and Britain is none too pleased. (h/t on all this to Andrew Sullivan.) Everybody just needs to look to Nomar and Mia.

A father on NPR wonders if the steroid era will somehow contaminate the apple pie innocence of his son’s passion for baseball. Apparently oblivious to baseball’s history of corruption, racism, labor abuses, and other generally wily misbehavior. (h/t Shysterball).

Josh Wilker at the painfully-honest-perspective-on existential-questions-factory Cardboard Gods: What a grim one-direction-only conveyor belt is life!

Also, feel free to go back and read Tuesday’s poem of the week. It’s got some childhood baseball action going on.

Bonus Material: The young and the very old.

Michael Phelps calls certain unnamed youthful indiscretion ‘bad mistake.’ No word on whether he was referring to the bong or the fact that there was a camera in the room.

92-year old Senator Robert Byrd, is on Twitter and apparently in the hands of a powerful jelly bean lobby. (Editor’s note: this blog is on twitter too, but only just barely).

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